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Welcome to Comida Codac

Clara de Nadal Trias - March, 12, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen, finally a restaurant with a truly different and interesting gastro experience in Barcelona, Comida Codac.

Its creator Miquel Coulibaly, whom I met during the first gastronomic festival All Those Food Market that was held in Barcelona, has been evolving his offer from master chocolatier, to coffee and pastry chef which brought together Cafeteria Industrial; and until today, with his new culinary and catering project, Comida Codac.

If you are a lover of Japanese and signature cuisine and you are passionate about new experiences... This is your place! Located in the Poble Nou neighborhood at 154 Pallars street, specifically in the same place where Cafeteria Industrial used to be, there are two constantly changing weekday menus of 15 and 25 euros respectively and a tasting menu on weekends, which also evolves and offers special dishes such as: matcha and edamame crocant, salty octopus mochi with radish and Sichuan pepper, herb sponge cake, or creamy mushroom with toasted pine nuts, among many others.

I went there for the first time during the week, and both me and my guest opted for the full menu for 25 euros. Among the various options to choose from as a starter, we both decided on the tuna and shrimp oniguiri with spices and rice with black olives, which gave it a slightly black color. Frankly delicious.

For the second course and among the three main courses available that day, I chose the salty mochi with marble sauce and sesame and my guest was delighted with the lilac rice, sometimes rubbery and sometimes crunchy with vegetable curry. Everything was absolutely delicious.

For dessert I had no hesitation in choosing the carrot cake filled with lychee cream and spiced ice cream on top, until the chocolate textures my guest ordered arrived. Both desserts were impressive and perfectly executed, although of the two, mine was our favorite.

To drink I preferred the freshly made homemade passion fruit lemonade and my Partner in crime did not hesitate to order the typical Japanese beer, Asahi.

When we finished, both happy and with our bellies full, we spent some time enjoying the decoration of the place more attentively: industrial air, floor and walls half painted in yellow and white and very simple tables and chairs so that, as it should always be the case, the food is what stands out.

Of course, before leaving we went to greet and congratulate Miquel, who explained to us that apart from the weekly menu, his intention is to bet on the tasting menu on weekends, which will soon bring news; and also showed us the part of the store -located in the premises right next to the restaurant-, where he showed and explained us the delicious products that he also has for sale: coffee of his own production and roasting, sweet and savory cookies, miso soup, creams and basically almost all the specialties he serves in his restaurant. Of course, all of them with a super careful and unique packaging that, as with everything in Comida Codac, they also create themselves.

All in all, a trip to Japan and a real pleasure for the senses. Without a doubt, we'll be back. Instagram

By Clara De Nadal Trias

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