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The 10 Best Men's Fashion Stores in Barcelona

Clara de Nadal Trias - February, 23, 2021

Sir Edwin Hardy Amies, celebrated British couture designer, founder of the fashion house Hardy Amies and holder of the Royal Warrant as designer to the Queen of England Elizabeth II, once said: "A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence , put them on with care and then forgotten all about them". Nice phrase and he was right.

And the fact is that creating, let alone enriching a man's closet is not an easy task, certainly much more complex than any woman's closet (basically because of the less options), that's why for my new article I have made a selection of the 10 best brands and multi-brand stores for men in Barcelona, which claim from the most classic tailoring, to the most authentic, personal and contemporary designer proposals.

If you are a man, you like fashion and you are looking for special and quality male garments and accessories, I believe this list of the 10 best fashion stores and boutiques in Barcelona, will definitely come in handy for those special times, when you need to make a gift or simply treat yourself. Once in a while it feels good. Let's get started!


(Carrer de Rosselló, 283)


Located on the edge of the central Eixample and the upscale shopping area of Passeig de Gràcia, The Outpost focuses on new trends for the contemporary man encompassing both the classic and the most avant-garde. Its special location, specifically on the first floor of a building from 1942 and signed by Duran i Reynals right in front of the Casa de Les Punxes (emblematic art nouveau building by the famous architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch), gives it a plus of inspiration to always find what you are looking for. They work with such prestigious brands such as Maison Martin Margiela, Neil Barret, Maquedano hats. So if you are looking to live a shopping experience in a relaxed, entertaining and stylish way, this is your place without a doubt. Instagram


(Carrer de Josep Torres, 16-18, bajos)


Since he presented his first collection in 1997, Josep Abril (Barcelona, 1962) has become one of the key designers of men's fashion in Spain. For six years he was responsible for the men's collection of Armand Basi, a brand for which he showcased in Paris and London. On an individual level, he has a professional career consisting of 36 collections and as a creator, he defines his work as "a language in which each piece is key and if it exists it must make sense". In addition to designing and producing his own collections, he currently teaches at design schools and creates costumes for prestigious hotels, restaurants and for theater and opera performances. Recently, and after more than two decades located inside the legendary Fàbrica Lehmann, he now creates and sells his unmistakable designs in a new location that is a workshop, showroom and store and that allows him to have a close connection with his clients, to continue to unleash his creativity and create unique and exceptional pieces. Instagram


(Carrer de Mestre Nicolau, 10)


Impossible not to include Bassal in this list of shopping for men (although they also have clothes for women). In this multi-brand boutique you will find an excellent selection of local and international brands, conceived as a multidisciplinary space to enjoy and explore with your 5 senses. Decorated with carpets, wood and steel, the mix of materials comes together and finds a magical balance. It is located next to the Turó park in one of the best areas of Barcelona to feel the local life of the city, surrounded by charming cafes and stores. In addition the neighborhood is known for its buildings from the 70's and 80's by acclaimed architects such as Corsini, Coderch, Bofill and many others. Divided into two areas, Bassal offers a double ambiance: a first beige zone focused on comfortable clothing, made with natural fibers and soft colors. The blue area, on the other hand, is dedicated to more colorful and futuristic projects, synthetic fibers and new ways of understanding fashion. Both sides represent dualism when it comes to dressing and how different ways of seeing the world can not only coexist but get along. Instagram


(Carrer de Joaquim Costa, 2)

 The dream of this eyewear collector began in 2008, when Cao Azuaje decided to cross half the planet with a suitcase full of his passion for this product. After living in Miami, he settled in Barcelona and opened a tiny second-hand Western-style clothing store here, where he also displayed part of his vintage eyewear collection. Since the quality of his glasses was so good and the interest of his customers in Barcelona grew, little by little they took up more space than the clothes. So until one day, he decided to dive into the pool and specialize only in this type of fetish product. He started with a first collection which he called Oscar, and that is also the origin of the name chosen for his brand. This is how the Wilde Store adventure began, which is none other than his own essence and his own creative project of glasses (or amulets as Cao calls them), with vintage, artsy and Rock and Roll inspiration, 100% handmade and manufactured entirely in Spain. On the other hand, he offers a curated collection of vintage glasses that can also be found in his stores in Barcelona, Madrid and Osaka (in Japan), as a result of his travels around the world looking for unique pieces and knowing that they had a special value in the market. His stores are currently open by appointment from Monday to Sunday from 5pm to 8pm. Saturdays closed. Instagram


(Carrer d'Enric Granados, 46)

 It was impossible for this brand not to be included in this list, because Antonio Miró is an internationally renowned fashion and accessories brand with its own vision of design. The brand was born in Barcelona more than four decades ago and combines design, authenticity and elegance with collections marked by sobriety and the highest quality materials and finishes. Antonio Miro's designs carry the purest Mediterranean essence, extol the Barcelona brand and are nourished by direct contact with its contemporary environment, music, art, cinema and architecture. With this introduction, it is not surprising that well-known figures such as actor Daniel Brühl, former Barça coach Josep Guardiola, or swimmer Ona Carbonell among many others wear this brand. In addition to showcasing historically on the best catwalks, Antonio Miró has always participated in global projects such as the creation of the uniforms for the 1992 Olympics, the launch of innovative lines of interior design and decoration and numerous times has been recognized with the Award for Best Collection of the 080 Barcelona Fashion. Long live the made in Barcelona! Instagram


(Carrer d'Amigó, 50)

 With a philosophy based on creating comfortable products made to wear, last and not become obsolete in one season, Shon Mott opened its doors in 2015, as a Barcelona-based clothing and lifestyle brand with five generations of recognized textile heritage. Through a lifestyle inspired by the "New Mediterranean", their designs are easily identifiable by their minimalist lines and functionality, using a soft variety of neutral colors. Their creative proposal is far from the frenetic pace of "Fast Fashion", offering timeless designs of the highest quality and durability. Shon Mott firmly believes in controlled production, where its sophisticated basics find the perfect balance between timelessness, quality and craftsmanship. "The process of creating a contemporary product requires an ever higher level of commitment; always combining textile tradition with the most innovative and sustainable technology." Instagram


(Carrer de la Barra de Ferro,7)

 The first time I met Oscar, creator and designer of the men's tailoring brand Oscar H. Grand, was in 2006 when I was writing articles for one of the best Spanish trend magazines until it was unfortunately forced to disappear. And although the magazine did not survive, the brand that started in 2001 did and also established itself, until today, as a reference in classic tailoring in Barcelona. In his cozy workshop in the Born, Oscar continues to offer tailored pants, shirts, jackets and trench coats, and he also works on a made-to-measure basis. If you treat yourself to a visit, you'll be able to see the designer in action and acquire unique pieces to dress like a dandy without breaking the bank. Instagram


(Carrer Muntaner, 69)

From its beginnings in 1999, M69 decided to go for a groundbreaking concept, based on the selection of its garments, accessories and fragrances of international brands for men. Those who come to this store will be able to build a perfect sober, timeless and elegant closet with well-known brands such as Paul Smith, vJ. Lindeberg, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Lacoste, Freitag... And also unique and unrepeatable designs from Comme des Garçons, Veja, Woolrich, Resteröds, Rains... Among many others. Instagram


(Carrer Doctor Dou, 2)


Opened since 2011 by Justo Heras, creative director, his main motivation has always been to express his own idea of Barcelona, and what it represents, trying to convey with each collection all those local concepts that for any citizen may seem transient. Laser Barcelona's philosophy takes care of all the details and it is Justo himself who is in charge of the design, printing and subsequent distribution of each collection. Thus maintaining a production as local as possible and an independent distribution, always working without intermediaries to reach anywhere in the world in the best way. Instagram


(Carrer Francesc Pérez Cabrero, 3)


The last store on this route cannot be other than the one known as "the house of men", a concept store with a careful selection that includes everything a man might like to find in a store, according to the criteria of Xavi Burgell, ideologist of the project, traveler and key figure in the world of men's fashion, in which he has been working for more than twenty years. The man Blaw Store talks about lives in the city and values quality, style and comfort above all else, under the slogan: "Less but better", apart from offering the best international brands, they have also created their own brand demonstrating that quality is not just a slogan, but the way they see the future (and indeed a much more sustainable one), where Blaw garments will last all season and combine well with the rest of your wardrobe. Instagram

Clara De Nadal Trias
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