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News & Coffee, an unusual place for coffee and good reads-to go.

Clara De Nadal Trias - January, 13, 2021

Welcome to News & Coffee, the new concept of kiosk of the future in Barcelona where you can enjoy, in the same place, the best selection of magazines from around the world, national and international newspapers, some very well-chosen books and all accompanied by delicious coffee that they themselves produce and roast.

After living the experience in first hand, I meet Pablo Pardo, the ideologist, and also one of the three partners of this great project (the other two are Davide Datti and Gautier Robial) to tell me how it all started and many other things.

The initial idea of News & Coffee was to offer a new and revolutionary business model in Barcelona, after observing and realizing that the kiosks had long been outdated, out-of-date and even abandoned.

"With this new concept of kiosks we are managing to recover the life of the neighborhoods, while at the same time demanding an improvement in the cultural offer, as well as the quality in the selection of magazines and reading and entertainment supports. We were very clear that to achieve this, we had to eliminate the useless souvenirs, the Mexican hats and the sale of tobacco; since it clearly detracts from the value of the kiosk and diverts the real mission of offering quality magazines and, now also from us, specialty coffee".

After the success of the first kiosk on Paseo San Juan street corner with Ausiàs March in 2019, they opened the second one just before the start of the confinement, on Calvet street corner with Diagonal and just a few weeks ago they opened the third one in the local and colorful neighborhood of Gràcia:

"We could say that little by little, other kiosks have been added to the News & Coffee family, and for example the one at Plaza Vila de Gràcia is owned by a group of friends who bought their kiosk and wanted to be part of the News & Coffee family".

And the fact is that News & Coffee does not intend to become a chain of kiosks, nor to open one in every corner of the city, but rather

"We are aware that our concept is one of the solutions, but not the definitive one for all the kiosks in Barcelona, knowing that in some neighborhoods it works and maybe in others it doesn't. But what we have realized is that our proposal was necessary, it brings novelty to the offer and is suitable for all audiences and all generations, since it generates micro-conversations and moments of enjoyment, also with good background music," another great novelty.

And as if this weren't enough, News & Coffee also puts a lot of love and effort into improving the cultural and leisure offerings among the people of Barcelona and visitors to the city:

"It all started thanks to Christian Meier, coffee lover and professional exciclist. When he retired from the world of competitions he opened Approchable Coffee, his own coffee shop and roaster in Girona. When we met a couple of years ago, he suggested that I learn how to roast coffee. Thanks to that I have learned so much about this wonderful and aphrodisiacal drink that, today, I have created my own brand News & Coffee, which is the one we offer in our kiosks".

And to put the finishing touch on this first year of life, Pablo tells me that recently News & Coffee has been chosen and named by the British magazine and company specialized in lifestyles, Monocle, as one of the most innovative projects in the world for the whole of 2020.

The truth is that they deserve it and we hope that next year they continue to grow, opening new spaces and making us enjoy good readings, good music and good coffee.

Interview and text by Clara De Nadal Trias

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