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Meet TINYCOTTONS: ethical clothing designed to last a lifetime

Andrea Alés - December, 17, 2020

TINNYCOTTONS is that shop that grandparents choose for quality and parents for design.

In a social context where every day we commit more to sustainable and quality clothing, Bárbara Bruno (ex-director of Adidas) and Gerard Lazcano founded TINYCOTTONS, a fun and energetic clothing brand that is gaining weight -or rather, size- within the market by leaps and bounds.

The company emerges as a family business with the idea of setting a revolution within the children's textile fashion in Spain. Tired of clothes in nude colours where pink is associated with the girl and blue, with the boy, TINYCOTTONS built a groundbreaking and innovative image within this sector. Each collection has a strong history behind it, impregnated with values that give meaning to the brand along with colours and prints out of the ordinary that delight the little ones.

In a city full of culture and inspiration like Barcelona, it is impossible to avoid that the charismatic atmosphere of the city is reflected in their clothes, created with as much freedom as children have when they play. Because... let's be honest: we must never lose that energy, innocence and boldness that characterise our children when they start to build their personality. TINNYCOTTONS is, under all concepts, a sustainable movement that inspires to break with our schemes and live life with attitude.

One of the engines of growth of the company is its line for women, Tiny Big Sister, which was conceived as a capsule collection within the brand and has gone from 2% of total turnover last year to 10% in 2020. Figures that, without a doubt, raise the success of the brand with every firm step it takes.

This carefully and delicately designed project, which employs a total of thirty people, has recently signed a new agreement with Puma, with whom it has collaborated in the past. This new union consists of the launch of specific collections that will begin in the autumn/winter campaign for 2021-22 and will last, for the time being, for four seasons.

As if all this were not enough, the brand values advocate fair trade and an honest manufacturing process that cares for the environment with recycled materials. What are you waiting for to fall in love with their shop in physics? You can find them in Via Augusta 25 or in Passeig del Born 7 to revolutionize your wardrobe and that of your children. Long live TINYCOTTONS!

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