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Enjoy breakfast at any time of the day at "La Desayunería"

- November, 30, 2020

Breakfast is the best meal of the day. And we are not saying this because it is the most important —that itself— but because of all that we can let our imagination fly in it. Nobody judges you if you eat pancakes with syrup for breakfast. Neither do they look down on you if you prefer eggs Benedictine style. Because you can (and should) be as creative as possible to face the day with all the energy it deserves.

If you always hesitate between choosing a sweet or savoury breakfast... don't worry, you're not alone! Join us to discover La Desayunería, one of our top places in Barcelona to enjoy a delicious American-style breakfast (at any time). No matter if you are more of a toaster than a croissant, this modern and unique proposal will change your perception of breakfast as you have understood it so far.

From her continuous escapes beyond the pond to the United States, Paula Ruiz adopted dishes and meals until she became a real master of American breakfasts and brunches. Years later, to have a place in the heart of Barcelona that would allow the development of the ritual around breakfast became a dream come true.

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the one we give the least importance to in Spain. We wanted to change this trend and be a reference for breakfast in Barcelona. We love breakfast and the ritual that goes with it, because enjoying a good breakfast makes your day.” - say Paula and Laura, founders of @la_desayuneria_barcelona

With quality and proximity products, this proposal full of flavour has become a place of reference for all those foodies who love the open buffet at breakfast time in any hotel.

At La Desayunería you can find a huge variety of options, from a simple (though delicious) toast with melted butter and raspberry jam to a complete American breakfast, pancakes, broken eggs or the famous açai bowl.

Located in the Sant Antoni district, the restaurant has a family atmosphere where you can rarely find a foreigner. The perfect place for those who want to start the day with a varied menu, the best taste and the feeling of not being a tourist anymore.


Carrer del Comte d'Urgell, 260, ground floor 2, 08036 Barcelona.

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